New to mapping? Never used Hammer before? LOOK HERE!

New to mapping? Never used Hammer before? LOOK HERE!

Postby npc_msleeper_boss » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:30 pm

While we at ThinkingWithPortals always appreciate new members and the mapping veterans here are more than happy to answer your questions about using Hammer, please keep in mind that this site is not necessarily oriented towards total newbies to Source SDK, Hammer and 3D mapping. If that description fits you, we highly recommend you start out small by reading the huge list of tutorials at and to get a handle on how Hammer works before posting your questions here as well as the huge list of articles on the Valve Developer Community "Level Design" portal.

If you don't know what a brush or the clipping tool is, or you aren't sure how to apply textures or what the correct compiling options are, I suggest you read our Mapping Tips and Useful Links thread before posting your questions here.

Thanks as always!
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