Thinking.WithPortals 2019 'Summer' Mapping Competition

Thinking.WithPortals 2019 'Summer' Mapping Competition

Postby ChickenMobile » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:14 pm

The fourth Thinking With Portals mapping competition begins today!

Competition Image

The Theme

Your map must put a spotlight on one of the more challenging elements in puzzle creation: mobility gels. That is, you must use one or more of the gels as the centrepiece/focus of your puzzle.
Your map can use any theme you'd like.

Can others help in making the map/puzzle?
No. The map should be made by you and you alone. That said, others can help by making other assets like models, sounds, textures, etc.

Can my map be co-op?
Yep! Just keep in mind that it may require more work.

Can my map use custom assets?
Sure! Assets should be packed into the BSP. If you exceed the 100MB Workshop limit or need to include unpackable files like soundscripts/particle systems, include custom assets in a .zip file in the description.

Does the map have to be original/new?
Yes. The map should be made specifically for the competition. You may use instances or prefabs from other maps, but it should otherwise be original.

Can I use PTI/puzzlemaker?
No, just Hammer. Although this competition does revolve around the use of a puzzle element(s), visuals will still be judged and scored as usual.

SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE AUGUST 15, 2019 - Good luck!

What else should I know?

If someone is experienced in level design and would like to judge but isn't participating, they can direct message @Stract on Steam or Discord.

How do I submit my map?
Finished entries should be uploaded to the workshop then submitted to a form on Google Docs (link will be available sooner to competition finish).

If you have any further questions about the competition or perhaps want to contribute some prizes, contact the organisers through the TWP Discord.

Have fun & get puzzling! :thumbup:
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Re: Thinking.WithPortals 2019 'Summer' Mapping Competition

Postby LambdaCore 21 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:27 am


Wonderful rules, alot of freedom there!
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