How to stop the falling sound in coop? [custom spawn room]

How to stop the falling sound in coop? [custom spawn room]

Postby PortalCombat » Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:03 am


In Portal 2 coop-mode, if you fall more than 3 blocks (3x128 units) you hear a falling sound.
Coop-Mode has a bug for the client (p-body), where the sound may stay loud all the time,
unless the player kills himself (or map is restarted). [lag/connection related topic]

screenshot of the console 'soundinfo': Image

It is always channel 64 and always the same sound.

Is there a way to stop this sound, when the host (atlas)
hits the trigger on the floor of the spawnroom?

I already tried 'stopsound' and 'snd_restart'.
Both of them work, but they also stop all other sounds like funnel, lasers, music.
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