[SP] sp_tod_Sprunrun  6/6/11 10:40CST

Uploaded Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:40 pm by Todarac


A 3 part testchamber, fairly difficult.
Submitted for the 2011 Summer Mapping Initiative
Reuploaded for a "Post-competition" release.
By Todarac

EDIT: I have revised the map for the "post-contest" release. The map I released for the contest felt a tad unpolished, and incomplete. So i've gone back through the map and changed some things around.

I consider this the "Official" release.

-Removed the .vmf from the zip file (Sorry guys, it was only for the competition).
-Overall lighting is much better
-The jumping-tower bit in the 1st test chamber now has actual panels that come out of the wall.
-You now HAVE to fling on the jumping-tower in the 1st test chamber.
-Observation rooms have been added throughout the chamber.
-Chamber 2 has been changed the most
-The old world portals have been removed, and new ones added along with a new puzzle in chamber 2. (Its still kind of easy)
-Chamber 3 is virtually untouched because it is quite perfect.

Readme Contents
Map - sp_tod_Sprunrun
Author - Todarac

Map entry by Todarac submitted for the 2011 Summer Mapping Initiative
Hope you guys over there enjoy playing my map as much as I enjoyed making it

Stinger - Help with Hammer (even when he didn't want to), Ideas, Playtesting, Supportive Brony
Cheetoz2112 - Playtesting
Featureless - Playtesting
Kobooold(idedu) - Playtesting
Cowculus - Playtesting (Sucks at making demos)
Bernard Augustus - RESIDENT FAGGOT
Aperture Lab Rat- Alot of Playtesting, Ideas
Iron Tager - Supportive Brony
Zastugueen - Wanted to test but didn't have portal 2
Spartacus - Someone to talk to while making map
UnamedDuncan - Playtesting

Cheers to everyone at ThinkingWithPortals.com and at Valve also, Love the game guys :)


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