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Empty Floor  

Uploaded Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:34 pm by PortalStorm4000


Cave Johnson here, and let me tell you, you'll drop dead in this new test. Well, you won't. Atleast shouldn't.... Mainly because the only dangerous thing in this chamber is the lift, and according to the latest government protocols and my recently fired assistant, it 'Should not be able to hurt any subjects'. However, your cube still can die! With the new Fizzler 1.1! Invest now and join our non-failing empire!

Oh dear god please invest in us...

Difficulty: Easy
It is a simple change to an old concept. You may find it the same as old, but its different. Just by a bit.

Made in hammer.
(Its a bit late. Just know realized I had to sign in again to access this page. Didn't realize that yesterday when I uploaded it to the workshop. Still is a day late considering when it was uploaded to the workshop)


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