[TOOL] A Propper MOD  1.1

Uploaded Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:57 pm by josepezdj


This is a very useful tool for mappers, mainly if you haven't got any modelling knowledge.

This tool will allow you to make models out of brushes; create whatever thing into your Hammer editor by means of only brushes and then turn it quick and easily into a custom model usable in game!

Propper is not new at all, many of you know about it already. I even wrote a tutorial some time ago... But since I know many of you are having trouble in making it to work out after some Valve updates and the new SteamPipe file system, I've decided to share this little mod I managed to prepare some time ago mounted in the Alien Swarm game and as a mod.

I borrowed TopHatWaffle's batch file altogether with the required binary files from his awesome tutorial some time ago, and edited it a bit for my purposes. So credit goes to him before anything. :notworthy:

Instructions will be posted in the first post on the download topic. However, I'm attaching a .PDF version inside the zipped downloadable file ;)

Please report any bug or issue you may find.




- v1.0 - (2014/09/05) Release
- v1.0 - (2014/09/13) Fixed a typo in the "Create Model.bat" file that made the model's textures be saved into a "sMAterials" folder. Added a couple of important notes to the mod instructions.


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