Worn out custom signage for destroyed maps  1.2

Uploaded Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:04 pm by josepezdj


These are the custom symbols I made for my map "White Room (reMiX by josepezdj)".

I thought some mappers could like them and maybe want to use them in their maps ;)

They are not all the symbols that Portal2 uses, but since I have them all in layers in a PDN file, I can make any of the rest if someone needs it. Just say here and I'll go posting those that ppl need!

Default location

By default I haave them into my folder materials/josepezdj/signage_wasted, so create a folder like this so your hammer editor load them on the fly. If you prefer any of your folders, just edit the .VMTs changing the line for the $basetexture... for example:

- "$basetexture" "josepezdj/signage_wasted/jose_wasted_signage_box_button"


- "$basetexture" "mysignage/jose_wasted_signage_box_button"

Or you can even change the name of the .VTFs themselves and put their new name there in the $basetexture line... Any doubt about this or any help anyone need just let me know! :D

Reference screenshot



Change Log

- v1.1 (2013.10.17) => Lowered the brightness in the alpha channel so that they look less bright in game.

- v1.2 (2014.06.29) => Added the "paint_dispenser", "bounce_gel", "laser_catcher" and 4 dots per Tmas98 request


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