Getting Back on a Track 1.1 (Updated)  

Uploaded Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:01 am by BenVlodgi


A map I plan on finishing up a lot more and including in Back-Stock
I was working on this all the way up until the last minute, I didn't even get time to do a full compile on it. its got some bugs, but I hope you still enjoy

also, I swear I "submitted" this like 10 mins before the deadline, it just took a while to upload

Bugs I know about but didn't address due to time restrictions:
The ride starts a bit jerky
The ride may start with a cube really close to you
Wheatley has nearly no emotions, and says nothing
Wheatley happens to just disappear at the end of the ride
The conveyorbelt segments overlap
When you load from a quicksave wheatley is off his track
Its really dark.. because I didn't do a full compile

in the actual chamber:
the button doesn't respawn the cube when you loose it, which means you can get stuck
the excursion funnel will eat up your cube when you set it to reverse
there is some visible nodraw, but it isn't really bad, since it has stuff behind it to draw.
the elevator ride goes forever (or until your game crashes)

Edit: Now that I see that this is featured, I guess I'll upload a fixed version, where I split the map into 2 bsps because it was so large it couldn't run a full compile on the whole thing


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