[SP] Decode  1.2.2

Uploaded Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:17 pm by greyhoundx88


Update 1.2.2: Read Below!

Solve puzzles to reveal parts of the code required to unlock the door at the end. This is my first Portal 2 map. Puzzles range from easy to medium difficulty and many involve flinging.

Update 1.2.2:

1. Fixed an exploit that could cause one of the puzzles to be solved very easily, bypassing the intended solution.

2. Made minor changes to prevent an area being reached in a manner not intended by the author.

Update 1.2:

1. Made it ACTUALLY impossible to get trapped in sphere silos.

2. Made laser crawl tunnels easier to navigate while holding a cube or sphere (if you'd want to do that)

3. Fixed some autosaves triggering right before falling into death water.

Update 1.1:

1. Fixed some doors opening on touch, which made some puzzles pointless.

2. Fixed some nodraw textures above dispensers

3. Placed portal placement helpers around map

4. Fixed some door open/close triggers

5. Added observation rooms.

6. Made it more difficult (hopefully impossible) to get stuck in certain areas without a way to portal out.

Overall this update improves gameplay by removing the need to place portals in just the right spot, as well as by adding more signage to make goals clearer.

If you've already downloaded this map and played through it, don't bother with the update, but if you've downloaded it and haven't played it, please re-download as this version will provide as more satisfying experience.



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    Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:30 pm by greyhoundx88
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