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  •  [SP] Rapid Effusion  
    Workshop entry link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... d=87101112There are two ratman dens and a mysterious observer, can you find them all?
    not available
    4.75 / 5
      8 votes
  •  [SP] Rust and Dust v1.5 
    Test with fun, new, and interesting solutions.
    not available
    4.55 / 5
      11 votes
  •  [SP] Antiquated Aperture 1.1 
    This map is in Old Aperture style, and is my first time with this style, so i'd love all the comments and crits you have!It's not easy, but it's not incredibly hard, you just need to pay attention and remember what you've passed.Implements Conversion [...]
    15.65 MiB
    4.48 / 5
      33 votes
  •  [SP] Testing is the future 1.2 
    This is my second map release. Its is a map pack where you explore a decayed Aperture Science and start testing as you go deeper into the facility. Feedback is appreciated.Credits:Skybox texture: komaokc (http://www.gamebanana.com/css/textures/3097)G [...]
    not available
    4.70 / 5
      30 votes
  •  [SP] The Ledge  
    Version 1.8:For some reason the RAR-file was suddenly corrupt and only contained part3.While at it I have also fixed an issue with an unintentionally portable texture. Thanks Tyri!!!_____________________________________________________Version 1.7:- [...]
    28.67 MiB
    4.18 / 5
      22 votes
  •  [Coop] Floor Plan 0.1 
    This test may not be for low end computers. I would tell you why but that would ruin the surprise. I tried to optimize as best I could so I hope it works well for the most of you.Anyways, this map is basically 4 tests in one, each using an element fr [...]
    26.12 MiB
    4.82 / 5
      17 votes
  •  [SP] Wrecked 1.9 
    SP_Wrecked is a fairly long singleplayer map using the destroyed Aperture theme.This is the first map I've actually finished and I'm glad to finally be posting it here! It's a somewhat circular map and requires the player to look around and explore i [...]
    not available
    4.71 / 5
      21 votes
  •  [SP] Sendificate 7 
    A new invention, straight from the Science department of Aperture Science!This is the start of a series revolving around a new testing element called the "sendificator". The difficulty is medium/hard; no ninja-skills required.Thanks to Mevi [...]
    not available
    4.92 / 5
      53 votes
  •  [SP] Too Many Variables 1.1 
    This will be my 3rd release of maps. This has been in my collections of to be finished box for a while now, and even though the ending of the maps is kinda left on a cliff hanger i decided to release this none the less (else noone will end up playing [...]
    3.18 MiB
    4.27 / 5
      11 votes
  •  [Coop] Spare map pack 1.3 
    This is a 3 level map pack i made that consists of maps that were originally intended to be in my mod later got removed. I connected them nicely but you can still see some incosistency between each one's style. It has custom textures and instances. T [...]
    not available
    4.85 / 5
      20 votes
  •  [Coop] Space Gardens 1.2 
    The "Space Gardens" mappack takes place on the moon in the facility known as Creative Futures Space Gardens (CFSG). Activated by SIMBALD, you'll play as the robots with the task of activating the facility's main water pumps. 6 challenging t [...]
    108.91 MiB
    4.85 / 5
      47 votes
  •  [Coop] Lessons Learned 0.2 
    In this single test chamber, it will test your ability to maintain your portals. This test does not require quick timing or any advanced portaling techniques. However, it will take good team work to make it to the exit.I meant for this to be a quick [...]
    10.2 MiB
    4.86 / 5
      21 votes
  •  [SP] Motanum's A la Tag, Part 1 Final 
    A map that uses a Paint gun! Based on the created gun by Omnicoder, I modified it a bit to work with my "fizzlers"I've wanted to make maps like tag: the power of paint, but I wasn't really able to do much until I asked omni for his design.I [...]
    6.95 MiB
    4.50 / 5
      18 votes
  •  [SP] Motanum´s Wall Bridge Final 
    A map made in hammer fully. Couple of months back. Sligthly harder than Juggling. Maybe. Check it out and upload a blind playthrough if possible, I love to watch test subjects... err... I mean players... solve my chambers.Again, thanks for rating, th [...]
    4.15 MiB
    4.47 / 5
      15 votes
  •  [Coop] 10 reasons for reasoning v1.4 
    To begin with we just want to thank everyone here on TWP for your support, you're an amazingly helpful lot!This is something me and StGinger here on the forum has worked on for quite some time. It's consisting of two maps, with five chambers each tha [...]
    41.85 MiB
    4.73 / 5
      26 votes
  •  [SP] Heavens Gate v1.4 
    This is a big map including three chambers. Its my second mapping attempt and i wanted to try something diffrent. So dont expect a typical Portal2 map.The difficulty should be medium - hard and the intended solution is controller friendly.I dont want [...]
    12.08 MiB
    4.23 / 5
      22 votes
  •  [SP] Replay 1.3.3 
    Hey everyone! So, this is my second map. Since December I'm working on this map. I don't have a lot of time, so took a little bit of time to complete. It was REALLY hard to make, so I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment, please! I uploaded a Map in Se [...]
    12.38 MiB
    3.88 / 5
      25 votes
  •  [SP] Gubble 18 
    A clean, 2 part map of medium/hard difficulty.
    3.31 MiB
    4.75 / 5
      16 votes
  •  [SP] Lp's Lazr0s 1.2 
    A small but slightly difficult laser room!Can you navigate your laser beam through a series of laser catchers, relays and fizzlers? Don't worry, you won't need impossible laser cube positions or tricks, you only need a good bunch of logic, two cubes [...]
    1.54 MiB
    4.76 / 5
      25 votes
  •  [SP] Getting over obstacles 1.2 
    This is my first Portal 2 map.It involves:-Lasers-Conversion Gel-Propulsion Gel-Discouragement field-Hard Light Bridge-Fizzlers-and some flingingStyle: CleanDifficulty: It's around medium difficultySize: MediumI realized during making this map that I [...]
    not available
    4.42 / 5
      19 votes
  •  [Coop] Evolution #02 b2 
    This map is the second map of the Evolution maps set.Each map will have one particular object.In this second map you will play with funnels.The first map can be found here : topic2901.html
    4.75 MiB
    4.00 / 5
      5 votes
  •  [SP] Advanced Flings  
    A short and easy map using portal trickery and some manoeuvres, this should about 10 minutes, my unreleased singleplayer maps are pretty hard, but my coop ones aren't so hard, i need to make more hard coop onesPuzzle: GigLevel Design: That Greek Guy
    1.91 MiB
    4.57 / 5
      14 votes
  •  [SP] Broad Ratio 1.3 
    A medium difficulty clean aperture style test chamber with dual portalgun.
    3.6 MiB
    4.54 / 5
      24 votes
  •  [SP] Conversion Diversion 1.1.1 
    It's been a looooong time since i've made a map, but finally, I am happy to present:CONVERSION DIVERSIONThis map is a very balanced map, with 2 laser puzzles, a fling puzzle and a funnel/conversion gel puzzle. That does not mean it is simple - this i [...]
    7.68 MiB
    4.89 / 5
      27 votes
  •  [Coop] Puffin 1.061 
    In response to macko68.Expected Playtime: ~1 hour.
    4.51 MiB
    4.90 / 5
      20 votes
  •  [Coop] Upstairs Downstairs Revision 4 
    A coop map featuring four puzzles, set in an abandoned Old Aperture test sphere. The puzzles get progressively more difficult. None of them require ninja moves or reflexes - you simply need to have a good think together!Click the thumbnails to see fu [...]
    not available
    4.72 / 5
      18 votes
  •  [SP] Somewhere Underground 3 fix 1 
    You continue your journey in the unknown places of the salt mines.All maps here: Somewhere Underground Complete• The game can get very laggy some times, sorry, I couldn't make it run better.• This map have sound files that are packed in a .vpk fi [...]
    18.15 MiB
    4.41 / 5
      17 votes
  •  [SP] cube, buttons and one portal 1.5 
    This is a one-portal-portalgun level.I created this map for the portal 2: backstock modIt is a small map, medium difficulty and it features a cube, multiple buttons and a funnel! Now with a secret area!Have fun!(don't worry if you start without a por [...]
    not available
    4.13 / 5
      23 votes
  •  [SP] DaMaGepy's P2 map #3 mini 1.1 
    It's just a small showcase map that I made to try out new elements, and then turned out to be a minimap. Ocassionally I make small testrooms if I want to try new puzzle ideas/elements or some graphical style. After I tested the things I wanted, I've [...]
    not available
    4.74 / 5
      31 votes
  •  [SP] Portal Stories Mel: Past Power 1.6 
    Hello everyone,We're very pleased to be able to share a demo level for Portal Stories: Mel!This demo will show some of the content we have created so far this includes:- One level to play- Custom loading screens- Custom main menuThis demo is around 7 [...]
    not available
    4.76 / 5
      25 votes

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